Independent Investigative Journalism

Although United Newspapers Limited no longer publishes traditional print titles, our Investigative Team of Independently minded Journalists is still very much in existence, this team is widely know as “The Newshawks”.   

dictionary.com defines newshawks as “a newspaper reporter, especially one who is energetic and aggressive.” a description that sums the team up ideally. 

We provide in-depth, source verified analysis and research for Traditional News, Radio and TV as well as Market Research and Business Analysis for a wide range of UK and Global Private and Public Sector Clients.

We abide by the IPSO  Editors’ Code of Conduce

 Please note: where we are analysing a representative company this should no be taken to imply that there is any wrong doing or poor practice by them, indeed they may be the gold standard we are using as a comparitor.   We are not quick to judge and neither should you…!

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Bad Solicitors

You put your faith in them but is it justified...?

Overcharging, poor service and 'behind the scenes' deals just scratch the complaints we have received.
Think you can help us -
We are currently sampling
Girlings Solicitors [Kent]
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Fintech Funds Theft

FinTechs maybe the future of banking but are they up to the job..?

Confiscated Funds, Blocked Accounts, Unexplained Charges,
truly awful customer service
Think you can help us -
We are currently sampling
Monzo and Starling Banks.
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Bailliff Overcharges

We should all pay our debts but what happens when you can't..?

Excessive Charges, Demands from 3rd Parties, Rude and Abusive Behavior and VAT Fraud.
Think you can help us - then we are looking for general evidence at this stage.
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