Despite the recent rise of ‘Fake News’, most publications are aware of the requirement to have ‘proven information’ from respected sources.   At Newhawk UNIT we are no different, we analyse not only the story but produce a portfolio of supporting documentation.  In most cases, we provide this portfolio to ‘Upstream’ Journalists who generate the story for publication although we do create a limited amount of ‘copy’ for direct publication ourselves.

We start from one of several starting points, these include:

Direct Requests from Companies:

We are often approached by companies looking for a ‘Public Perseption Analysis’ of their Company, a Potential Takeover traget or Competitor.   A common problem is refered to as the telescope issue, within an organisation a problem can appear small because the reasons behind it are wellknown but to the client the problem can appear large – we provide an Independent Perspective for our clients.

We often start with negative feedback onReview Sites such as TripAdvisor, TrustPilot etc and drill down into the problems.   In doing so we help companies to improve their business models.    


We are sometimes approached with a genuine story of things going wrong but the issue needs fleshing out or just putting into context.   For example, we were approached by a Care Worker worried about Out of Date Drugs being supplied by a local Pharmacy but was unable to progress her concerns further.   We reviewed her concerns, analysed the issues and found the root of the problem lay upstream at a distribution centre where new drugs were being replaced and the originals sold on the ‘black market’

Issues Directly to Us:

We are happy to receive your feedback on Businesses or Issues that concern you.    Where we believe there is an issue of Local or National Public Interest we will review the issue with an eye on selling our analysis on for publication.  

We are interested particularly in issues where the balance between the State/Company and the Citizen/Client appears to be unduly bent against the weaker party.    This includes abuse of Contractual Terms, we are currently investigation Funds Seizures and Account Suspensions by Fintech Companies, with a particular focus on Starling Bank.

Please note: We do not handle Criminal Cases including miscarriages of Justice, Family Court or Court of Protection Matters.